Your Vegan Church and Place of Worship.

God's creatures killed since you opened this page.

Our Services

Sunday Mass


Sunday Vegan Mass and Worship Service, every Sunday at 10:00am EST, also broadcast live to Facebook @ The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish of The Humanitarian Church Page and to Pastor Rob Munro, YouTube Live. All previous Services archived at Pastor Rob Munro FaceBook.

Services for our beloved animal brethren.


Wether it be a prayer for a sick or injured creature, a ceremonial blessing or funeral, we stand ready and committed to all of God's Creatures. 



Being certified by Cornell University's Nutritional Studies Program, via Dr. Campbell's Whole Food Plant Based Diet, we educate the community on proper foods to consume to cure diabetes type 2, reverse heart disease, stop the progression of 70% of cancers and avoid 80% of chonic illness.