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Who we are...

Welcome to The Humanitarian Church

We are strict vegans and promote being vegan as a way of life and as the path to heaven.

We believe firmly that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" literally means thou shalt not kill and includes killing animals for any purpose and therefore consuming animal protein is a sin.

God’s creatures are good and are not made to subserve in any way, and when they do, the creation groans with us. We have chosen to give our lives in the service of Our Lord to end the oppression of animals.

Our Mission:

To introduce the Whole Food Plant Based Diet to impoverished, unhealthy communities throughout the world so as to provide freedom from illness, oppression via dependency on the medical community and cease the consumption of animal products so as to honor the commandment, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” 

Our Motto:

“Vegan for life: ours, yours and theirs.” Ours, living without illness and disease and honoring Our Lord and His creation, yours because we help the environment we all live in and theirs because animals do not want to be dinner and should never be abused. 

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Skip Schiappa WHO AMONG YOU KNOWS PASTOR ROB ? DO YOU REALLY KNOW PASTOR ROB ? LOOK AT HIM UP THERE PREACHING … and you're all listening. But do you know him? Does anyone really know him ? I see NO parishioners in the pews … I see NO familiar names in these chats and posts. So who really knows Pastor Rob ? I have read all your comments, followed most of the threads, and yet I see NO familiar names. Extremely interesting that thousands and thousands of people that do NOT know each other, nor do they really know Pastor Rob, are making it their mission each day to tune into all of his LIVE STREAM SERMONS, CHATS, YOUTUBE VIDEOS and more. I find that fascinating that you are following a complete stranger. FASCINATING !Well people... let me put your mind, your emotions and your trust at ease for there is someone who knows the TRUE Pastor Rob. That someone is me. I grew up with Pastor Rob and have known him for the better part of 40 years. Pastor Rob was always the great friend to all, that ear you sought when you were troubled, the purveyor of that advice you desperately required in the moment... the voice of experience and reason that you make bet on. Pastor Rob is a true gentlemen in every sense of the word. Known for his academics, athleticism, and dedication to all that he endeavored... Pastor Rob is that guy when you need commitment. Friends and followers of Pastor Rob, count yourselves lucky to have found him. You found a true leader. A leader that truly does lead from the heart. When Pastor Rob decided to take on the challenge of getting the word of veganism out to the masses... I had NO doubt that would succeed, and you are all proof of that success, My hats off to all of you. In closing, Pastor Rob spends many a day and sometimes a week at our home. Pastor Rob has the ear of my teenagers... and we all know that is no simple feat. None-the-less, his words about true nutrition coming from fruits, nuts and produce have had a slow positive affect... but the results speak for themselves. My children have changed the way they see food and drink. Following Pastor Rob's advice over the past few years has resulted in increased "clean" energy amongst my children, they are certainly more fit and more devoted to living with nature and in harmony than I could have ever imagined... I too have seen the amazing results with lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, thinner waist and overall sense of a better well-being. Of course it's a continued work in progress, but again, if you want better health... emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually... again, let me tell you how lucky you are to now know the real Pastor Rob.

I thought it important for you to see what my best friend said about me. (I did not prompt him to write this) I hope you do not think I am doing this for ego's sake but I am sharing this because you all place your faith and trust in me as a spiritual leader and as the Pastor of The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish of The Humanitarian Church.


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