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We are a world wide and community-based strict vegan religious organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier, healthier place by honoring the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" and ending the oppression of disease by promoting a healthy diet of whole vegetables, supplemented with cereal grains, legumes and nuts.

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Food the pathway to the soul.


After many years assisting a charity in Boston, we found that supplementing a households food supply with produce was helpful in many ways but people were only supplementing their diet with vegetables and not foregoing meat and thusly not far reaching enough and as such we developed a food program intended to introduce the Whole Food Plant Based Diet to families to assist in developing more vegan households.

The Humanitarian Church has two school buses that have had the seats removed so that they can carry and deliver produce to families in the South Shore of Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island. 

On a regular basis, we drive up to the New England Produce Center in Chelsea Massachusetts on the north side of Boston and purchase several thousand pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Produce Companies that supply us with so much food do so at dramatic discounts because they know we give the food away at no charge to so many families. We regularly buy 4,000 pounds,(two tons), of real food at very reasonable prices less than half of what a supermarket charges, so how can we not buy everything we can carry? Many a day the buses are so loaded the steering wheel seems like it is floating! There is nothing like having tons of veggies in the bus, it is elating! It is also a great workout too, the buses are not the height of the loading dock so every case is hand loaded. It is then brought back to the Church office and unloaded, to get the best price possible many times some of the produce is damaged so before we can give it away, all of the cases and bags must be opened and examined and cleaned up and separated for delivery. Then it is stored overnight and reloaded in the morning for delivery. Many folks that live near the office come and pick up the produce which saves us a great deal of time and many of those folks take extra to bring to other households.

But here is what is remarkable, we have found that by inundating a household with a hundred plus pounds of produce and informing them of ways to prepare certain foods, they eat it!!! And since we bring so much produce they stop buying processed foods and meats. What we have found is truly remarkable…..after 40 days of eating only produce, the families are healthier and happier. There is less friction in the household and the children are doing better in school but greater yet is the transformation that takes place in approximately 60 days, the families report that they have a new or renewed faith and connection with God. This is why we run our food program. Once they have the awakening the likelihood of them staying strong and on the lifestyle is greater with their having obtained Faith than any reason we can share with them. Much more important than their own health. And that is why we do it. To open their mind, body and soul to veganism and the Whole Food Plant Based Diet and then let the Lord our God take over from there and it works, it really does. Last year we fed over 150 families weekly back to health and increased their spirituality. 

And the side benefit, more veggies for us plus the introduction of many types of produce not readily available in local markets, like lemon grass for instance and exotics too like star fruit, who can afford that by the case and avacado’s lots and lots of avacado’s…and this list goes on when we score big at the market it is like a miner striking gold. Eureka!!! 

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